Analysis, engagement, performance


We’re passionate about finding the best ways to connect films with audiences around the world. With over 30 years of production and distribution experience, we built an extensive international distribution network and a proven track record – executing sales and bringing filmmaker stories into the marketplace.


Our experts work as an extension of each of our clients’ team, working tirelessly to deliver solutions that drive results. Our core competencies include global distribution strategies to maximize opportunities while mitigating risk, marketing administration and process management, negotiations and film delivery fulfillment – guaranteeing you’ll get the best return-on-investment.


To bring your film to market, we rely on guiding principles of Integrity, flawless reputation, transparency, sales experience, distributor relationships, accountability and performance, as prerequisites when engaging international distribution companies.



  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your completed feature film
  • Compile a list of re-shoots and re-edits for you to complete, if necessary
  • Research and insight to the viability of your film for the global marketplace
  • Explore international distributor company profiles to find a perfect fit for your film


  • Return-on-investment analysis and sales projections
  • Sales and marketing strategy for the domestic and foreign territories
  • Deal term negotiations and execution of agreement with distributors
  • Address challenges and objectives
  • Sales revenues collections and reporting
  • Film delivery materials and lab access

Performance evaluation and accountability

We don’t stop working when your film launches into the marketplace. Additional follow up and evaluation is at the core of what we do, guaranteeing that you’ll get the best service and the maximum return-on-investment for your film.



Submit your film’s info and we will contact you within 72 hours to get started.