We believe experience is priceless.

FlixHouse Global is a multi-faceted media and entertainment company built for the now. We make, acquire and release movies from indie filmmakers and content owners to audiences everywhere.


We change how filmmakers think, approach, and navigate the distribution process through the power of experience. Experiences earned through years of successfully exhibiting and licensing films at international markets, and building relationships with distributors and broadcasters worldwide.


With over 30 years of production and distribution experience we built an extensive domestic and international distribution network and a proven track record – executing sales and bringing filmmaker stories into the marketplace.


We have developed an operating style we rely on as guiding principles to bring together all the essential components that your film demands to receive global distribution and become profitable.


We possess the knowledge and resources to empower you with all you need to bring your story and vision to screens everywhere.

Our passionate team works with you to create, consult and activate strategies that drive results.


Veteran sales agent and film producer Tony Kandah launched FlixHouse Global in June 2013 with a vision for the future – of becoming a successful mini-major film studio with a consistent output of profitable, quality independent films worldwide.

With the addition of production financing, our domestic distribution label “FLIXHOUSE”, our online video-on-demand platform “FLIXHOUSE.com” and our digital distribution service FILMTVMART.com, we are emerging as a global production, distribution and international sales company which puts us in an advantageous position to offer our filmmaker partners a home for all their finance, production and worldwide distribution needs.

The long-term objective for FlixHouse Global – to become the go-to company for talented filmmakers from around the world.

A global service headquartered in Los Angeles.


Tony Kandah, CEO

Tony has been working in motion picture production since 1985 and as a sales agent/distributor since 2004.

What makes Tony Kandah unique? The experience he has amassed over the past thirty years puts him in an advantageous position to control the two most important aspects of the business, production and distribution.

As a sales agent,Tony has exhibited at over 50 film and TV markets, The Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale, MIPTV, MIPCOM, NATPE, and The AFM, sold a library of over 100 feature films, developed strong and personal relationships with distributors worldwide who continually do business with him.

As a film producer, Tony has produced 7 independent feature films, “Ballistica”; “Mask of Death”; “L.A. Wars”; “Starforce”; “Horrors of War”; “Shira: The Vampire Samurai” and “Always Faithful”.

In 2004 Tony founded Hollywood Wizard, a boutique international sales and distribution company that licensed the rights of filmed properties on behalf of independent producers to buyers and distributors around the globe.

From 2006 – 2012 Tony served on the Board of Directors of The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA).

Mirna Kandah, COO
Mirna Kandah, COO
Mark Morris, Producer
Mark Morris, Producer
Paul Volk, Producer/Director
Paul Volk, Producer/Director